But who is counting?  No really, today flew by and I can't wait for tomorrow.  We are going to get started on some really fun stuff tomorrow.  Remember that we have media.

Don't forget your life journal picture. 

Here's what we did today:  morning work, First Day Jitters, Krypto, visiting snack, names around the room, extra long recess because lunch was messed up, Marvin and Jessie assembly where we met all the new staff at our school (I wonder if they all felt like the Sara in First Day Jitters), freeze tag to the maraca, hello from Ms. Dahlem, life journal writing, got our first day of school picture taken, glanced at the website.

Wow, if we do that much everyday, we'll be amazing!!  Have a great night and rest up, tomorrow we are RUNNING through the day to get stuff done.

Mrs. Kovacs