With the bulk of the MCA math behind us, we are now moving on to MCA reading.  We made a list on the board today of all the skills we think they may test us on in the language arts areana.  Oh my, what a long list. As I look at it I realize it is a culmination of 6 years of elementary school but still, what a list.  Oh my.

I love this weather.  It is sunny and cheerful but not too hot.  I think 50-60 degrees is perfect.  You can wear a cozy sweatshirt and cuddle up on the couch and be comfortable.  Love it.

How is you new lit circle story?  Do you love it so far?  Let me know.   Blog me a comment about your first impression in your new book and you can have 4 tickets.   See ya tomorrow.    Mrs. Kovacs