It seems all that rain is behind us and we are getting to have a beautiful weekend.  Next week we will be migrating so be ready to head outside on a moments notice.  We probably won't start our migration until Tuesday or Wednesday but you just never know.  Where will we go?  How will we adapt to our new habitats?  Do you wonder what I am talking about?  Inquisitive minds want to know!!  Stay tuned as all will be revealed next week.

I just got back from the off leash dog park with my dog Bailey and my husband and we are about to go to a movie and I am going to eat POPCORN!!  Popcorn just might be my absolute favorite food of all time.  What is your favorite food.  Blog a comment telling what your favorite food is and why you like it and you can have 6 tickets on Monday.

Come on bloggers, blog to catch up your ticket count to Hannah.  She has hundreds of tickets and I must have pulled her name out 10 times on Friday.  Your chance to win prizes depends on it.

Have a great weekend.  See you all Monday.