I really thought we'd win this time.  In the first overtime the Bears looked fantastic and strong and Duluth East seemed to be worn out and tired.  But alas, we lost again.  That makes 18 trips to the state tournament without even one first game win.  Now to be fair, when both my boys lost that first game it stunk but both their teams came back and won the consolation championship so....we could still do that this year.  Remember that consolation was our word of the day and it is a prize given to the non winner as a comfort or recognition of winning their other games.  Hmmm...not quite the same.

Today's BHTQ is what is the color most of the White Bear Lake fans wore to the game.  The answer is not just plain orange but something more descriptive than that.  (See picture on the Student tab)

Tomorrow we will have a couple troll play performances.  Be ready.          Mrs. Kovacs