So here's what  you need to know:

1.  The family photo writing projects are AMAZING!!  They are due on Tuesday, Nov. 26th.  We will set them out museum style for others to admire.

2.  We are writing a family photo book from our little turkeys point of view.  Andrew has a picture of his turkey running in his first ever track meet.  How fun!  The little turkeys will be invited to Thanksgiving dinner--will they want to go?

3.  We are reading all about Christopher Columbus and his journeys in reading and him as well as other explorers in Social studies Chapter 5.  Teams are making posters about their explorer and going to teach the rest of us all about him on Thursday.  Yep, they are all guy explorers--weird!

4.  In science we are wrapping up Variables.  Blog a comment about catapults and you can have 4 tickets.  Tell what the variables were or tell what was fun about it or tell what your hypothesis was or tell what you could conclude from your experiments.  Taking the test on Friday.

5.  Wrapping up Unit 3 in math and planning to take the unit test on Tuesday of NEXT week--the 26th.  Wow, that seems like it will be a busy day!!

6.  Science Fair is next week with projects due on ....that's right....the 26th.

7.  Reading log and book project are technically due on the 27th but I think I'll give you until Monday, Dec. 2 to get 'er done.  That way you can wrap it up over your Holiday break if you like.