We have quite a snarly tale on our hands.  What is up with Awful Ogre?  What is up with the Ogre of Oglefort?  What is up with me that I don't ever remember to send home the Shrek permission slip?  If you remind me tomorrow, you can have 4 tickets. 

Student council needs to send home the food drive flyer.  Stu Co kids, remind me.  I'll send it down with you.  Not a big job, just one we need to get one, now!

Tomorrow we are going to think and wonder some more things about our ogre stories.  Did you like having the 4 centers to go to?  Blog me a comment and we'll see if we should continue that.  Maybe we'll do 3 instead.

Preston, hope you are ok.  Hope you are back tomorrow.  You've got some ogre work to do.              Mrs. Kovacs