We will get a chance to work on our Ogre poems and drawings again tomorrow.  Mr. Doebler wants to come and hear them.  He is going to sit in an adorondak chair and those who want to share their poems with him can go there.  Fun!!

Are you excited to start your electronic story book?  I can't wait.  I scheduled the computer lab for next Thurs. and Friday and that is when we will start.  We are going to be busy before that as we need to get our stories written and do story boards and plan out the rough draft of how we will do each slide/page in a book.  Remember "dummy books" in the troll scenerios? 

You can have an immediate trip to the prize bucket if you blog a comment that tells me if you carved a pumkin and tells us all what kind of face your pumkin has.  See you tomorrow!!         Mrs. Kovacs