I have heard so many cool ideas and ogre names and story twists and fairy tale adventures that my head is spinning.  You guys are really rocking the socks off this project.  Tomorrow morning we will write some more and then set about planning what will go on what page.  Remeber how we did the dummy troll book?  We will mock up "slides" in a story board fashion.  That will happen late tomorrow and on Friday morning.  So...your story needs to be ready for parent or older sibling editing to happen to it tomorrow night.  Will you be ready?  If not, I hope you brought it home!!

This week has been flying by.  Remind me to give you the pentimeno solutions tomorrow and then we need to talk about them a bit.  We will also look over the homework.  Finally, we will move forward as we need to start working on the area and perimeter of compound shapes and finding the measurements that are missing.  Do you remember that from last year?  Blog a comment that tells what you remember about it from last year and you can have 4 tickets.

See ya all tomorrow.            Mrs. Kovacs