So it turns out the state of MN didn't quite have the online test ready to go so we will take the reading portion on Jan. 30 at 10:00 unless Ms. Stamson needs us to switch with her and go on the 25th.  The math one is the week after that.  Weird that it didn't work.  But here were computer issues all over our district today.

The MLK speech is going to be cool.  You guys are already doing a nice job with your round 1 pre-reading.  Tomorrow, I will read some of the hard words for you and we will look for ways to remember to say them.  Ms. Stamson wants her class to come here us so we have an audience.  Practice, Practice, Practice.

Cool water bottles, huh?  I always love to get free stuff.  Don't you?  See you all tomorrow.   Mrs. Kovacs