I really meant to go to the club to work out tonight but I didn't quite get there.  What is going on?  Maybe we can take a power walk as a class tomorrow.  We could walk and spell.  Do you remember that from the fall?  Remember when we took our first grade buddies on a walk?  Maybe they would want to take a little walk with us again tomorrow.  Hmmm...I need to do something.

Should there be a chocolate candy question tonight?  I guess there could be.  What could it be?  Something with decimals or fractions I think.  Blog a question that I could ask as the chocolate bar question of the day and you can be part of the chocolate bar eaters tomorrow.  Your question should involve fractions or decimals, please.  Think about the work we did in school today.  That should help.   

Sleep well.  Rest up.  Tomorrow is another day full of opportunities to learn and grow.            Mrs. Kovacs