Next week we have NO testing and I think it will be amazing.  We do have ART and we do have math IE.  We don't have DARE either.  We do have science.  Hmmm...maybe we'll get Chapter 14 on the constitution done so we can move on.  I hope so as there is lots more to get to.

Did you know we only have about 33 days left of school this year?  Oh my, that will fly by!!  Don't forget we have a party for Joe next Friday.  Bring in your treat contributions by Thursday so I can fill in with what we still before Friday. We are going  to miss you Joe.

What do you think about watching "National Treasure" as a way to celebrate the Decl. of Indep and the Constitution?  It could be kind of fun.  Blog a comment about it and you can have 4 tickets.  Some of you need to earn tickets as they are your passes out the door to the bathroom and the locker.  Practicing for middle school, right?

Have a great weekend.                   Mrs. Kovacs