Remember to have your top ten test taking tips book here on Monday so we can write our poems and do our cartoons.  Here are my poems about test taking:
I really love to take each test,
Testing lets me show my best,
What else would I do, rest?
No! I'd rather take a test.
or the ever sarcastic

Testing, testing, is so fun
It's so fun for everyone.
Who would rather jump and run?
Not Me! Give me a test for fun!

Blog a poem and that will get you a trip to the prize bucket which is now fully stocked with treats.
Blog a persuasive comment about homework for Monday and Tuesday nights and you may have another trip.  Should we have homework on Monday or Tuesday nights?  What's your postition on this topic and give 3 reasons why you thing that way.  Your efforts will bring you a treat and maybe the whole class a couple days off from the grind of homework.

We got the blank book for our fraction books and took some time to meet with Mrs. Kovacs and read the Hersheys fraction book and look at some of her favorites from year's past.  Gavin, does Garrett want his book or do I get to keep it?  Did you tell him we were all in awe of his art work?  He rocks!  Does he know Vlad?  Vlad is a great artist too.

Have a great weekend.  Rest up.  Be sure and blog me a note or two.