Next week is going to fly by as we won't have a minute to spare.  First, on Monday we start preparing for our "I Have a Dream" choral reading in honor of the upcoming MLK day.  Did you know you have next Monday off for that?  Then we have our first even DARE lesson on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we have Art with Lisa and Ms. Goertzen is gone so we will be busy with our top secret project which is part Art, part writing.  Thursday is Wargo Nature Center, outside, and then a good bye party for Ms. Goertzen.  Finally, Friday is the reading MAP test and an assembly in the afternoon and Family Time at 3:00.  Oh my, how will we get it all in?

What should we do next week for family time?  Blog a comment with a suggestion for what to do next Friday and you can have 10 tickets.  I am giving tickets away like they grow on a tree.  Hmm...they kind of do, I guess.

Enjoy your weekend.  Come ready to roll on Monday.    Mrs. Kovacs