First of all, do you guys read this?  You need to.  IF you are reading this, blog a comment that says "I read the big blog comment".

I went to school today.

I saw a few kids who came in to get stuff.  That is an option.  The building is open and you can come pick things up.  We just need to stay 6 feet apart so no hugs etc.  

Next week on Tuesday teachers are going to send you via email, SeeSaw, and maybe this website a Learning Board.  It will have assignments on it that you are required to do.  No more blogging just for fun.  But you can still blog for fun too if you like.  We will give you a math, reading, writing, and social studies assignment for each day of the week.  You will record your learning on a google doc entitle "Evidence of Learning".  

First, please know that I would love a catchier name.  Evidence of Learning sounds fine can do better than that.  Blog a comment with a great name and we can vote over the weekend via blog to see what the official name of our Evidence of Learning Doc will be.

Second, remember that I miss you and I do NOT hate when you forgot something and need to come get it.  Your mom and dad might but....I do not.

Until then, keep going outside, keep reading, keep calculating and creating.  I have not seen any toilet paper roll golf holes yet!

Mrs. Kovacs