Please don't forget that the reading MAP test is tomorrow morning at 9:25 am.  Sorry to the 4 girls who left for hockey before the PEEK was in the mailboxes as they are just finding out about it now.  It's ok girls, you'll do fine.

Also tomorrow, science--we have some models to clean up and we will be going over the answers to the last readings' questions.  That will be from 10:45 until the clean up is done.

Hope you are enjoying your time off.  We will be working on reading and reciting the "I Have A Dream" speech of Martin Luther King this week.  Maybe we will perform them for our "families" during cafe time on Friday.  That reminds me, we need to have a talk about the purpose of family time and the support and connections families provide during Friday cafe time. a comment about this and you can have 5 tickets.

Remind me, tomorrow let's talk about buying your way to the prize bucket by saving up tickets.  Mrs. Kovacs