My son John, who is the author of The Historia, The Search for Wisdom, is coming to town on Friday.  He will be here through Wednesday.  He can come in and sign books so if anyone (or anyone's brother) is interested in having a book signed by the author, you can bring in your $11.99 and buy a book.  I will give you the book right away and then  it can be signed by the author on Monday!  He plans to come on in and say  HI.  Then you will have worked with all my kids except the two who live at home with me.  Weird!!

John is also going to help me get my book ready for print so...hopefully I will be ordering them for you soon.

Last year John subbed for me because he was subbing in June.  This year he will be teaching his own class all of June so he won't be around.  Too bad, he's a funny teacher.  No worries though as I will let you work with him on Monday or Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday afternoon.  Remember, MCA testing on Tues and Wed morning will keep us tied up so NO FUN then!!  Oh wait, I forgot.  Testing is fun because you get to show off what you know.

Have a good night.         Mrs. Kovacs