I am lonely and I miss you!!  I mean, I love Ms. Goertzen and all.  She's been a tremendous help this fall but really, I miss you guys!!  Next week she is totally in charge so...I'll be just doing read aloud, my math group and the GPS lessons.

Speaking of the GPS lessons, how excited are you?!  I can't wait to make our cache's next week and hide them and then treasure hunt for the other people's caches.  We are so lucky that the DNR let us borrow their box of 25 amazing brand new GPS units.  Oh, I keep meaning to ask you, did the Wargo teacher like your outdoor learning boxes?  Blog a comment that answers that and you can have 4 tickets.

Please bring in your 3 pictures for the super cool family fun writing activity you are doing with Ms. Goertzen.  If you don't have your pictures here Monday, you are falling behind.

Have a great weekend.  Get outside and learn something cool.   Mrs. Kovacs