The Marvin and Jessie skit on service and hard work was during our phy ed time.  We were all very sad about this.  But then as I was walking through the office to pick you up from lunch who should I run into other than the one and only Prince Charming, Mr. Doebler.  "Hey, Mrs. Kovacs, just the teacher I wanted to see," he said.

"What's up?"

"Well, as you know, your class will be missing most of phy ed today."

"Yeh, they are really bummed out.  Actually, they've been whining like little babies about it all day," I chimed in.  [well, I didn't really say you were whining and acting like babies but it makes a better story--a bit of exaggeration always does]

"So how would you like to bring them at 12:55?  I don't want to infringe on your teaching time but I'd love to get my hands on those kids and give them something to whine about...I mean give them something to sweat about.  A real work out, you know what I mean."

And so it was arranged.  Mrs. Kovacs' kids were able to attend phy ed an hour early and get a healthy workout to keep their hearts fit as a fiddle. 

Thanks Mr. Doebler.  You didn't have to do it but we sure appreciate it.  You went above and beyond.  You really are Prince Charming.  [side note:  Mr. Doebler played Prince Charming/ Elivs in the Marvin and Jessie skit today]                 Mrs. Kovacs