You should start planning and thinking about when and where our next Explorations outing with Mrs. Kovacs should be.  I would be willing to pick a night in early December and have a stay after school party.  We could order pizza and watch a movie on the smart board.  See what you think.

Parent/Teacher conferences start this week.  Several of you have conferences tonight, some on Thursday, and a few more on Monday of next week.  Remind your parents!

We are having a guest speaker come in on Wednesday as part of the Native American Museum you will be attending that your Exploration mates will be putting on.  His name is Doug Limon and he is a Native American who lives in White Bear Lake and is an artist.  Look him up on line and blog a comment about what kinds of things he does and think of questions you could ask him.  Blog a great question too.  4 tickets for each of those blogs.

Finally, I agree with Evan--where were all the bloggers this weekend?  I missed hearing from you guys and reading all your thoughts and ideas.  Did the movie wipe you out?