Movie night was great.  We went through 10 whole large pizzas--Mason P. says he ate 9 pieces alone.  Yuck!  We also ate a lot of apples (a whole bowl full), drank a few packs of gatorade and ate lots of Grinch Ka Bobs (They were so cute!)

The Long Lake packing list was on the back of the paper version of the peek that went home.  The online version still has the spelling words as we will take the spelling test Monday.  Study tonight.  If you want to see a Long Lake packing list online you can either go to their website OR click on the links tab above, click on the Long Lake link and go straight to the list.  Not sure how much need there will be for long underwear but...maybe?  The forecast is for high 20s low 30s and I can tell you we will be outside all day.  Think about a second pair of mittens as you might get wet.  Boots are still a must as we go into the woods a lot!!  I'm afraid we won't be snow shoeing or cross country skiing but I heard rumblings of other fun things.  The wolf hunt should be on!!  The stars are amazing at Long Lake too.

Tomorrow we finalize our puppet shows and practice practice practice them.  Did you get your puppet made?  Yikes--so much to do!  Powtoon show is tomorrow too.