We did some filming for our class movie.  Mr. Kovacs keeps saying he's not going to have time to make one this year.  Can you believe that?  That would be horrible!!  If you would like Mr. Kovacs to make our movie for us, please blog a comment that tells him a specific reason why he should take the time to make the movie.  He reads the blog all the time so he'll see it.  If he responds to yours because it is so convincing, you can have 4 tickets.

Today's chocolate challenge has to do with the decimal and fraction quilt we are making in math.  In our own words, blog a comment that explains why it's handier for us to have fractions that have a denominator of 10 or 100 when changing fractions to decimals.  Be sure and give some specific examples like: 4/5 is the same as 8/10 or 80/100 and that is .8 of a whole. 

Have a great evening.  Hopefully we can persuade Mr. Kovacs to create away.              Mrs. Kovacs