When ever my kids say something like that I say, "Every day is children's day at our house."  Does that sound familiar--no Friday fun cause every day is fun in this classroom.  You get my point.

Tomorrow we will work again on our new lit circle book.  The packets will be handed out and everyone will be reminded of how to work in proper lit circle style. 

I am working hard cleaning John's room as he and Pam are moving into it for the summer.  That should be interesting.  Johnny is lots of fun and is very good at making all kinds of things fun for lots of people.  It should be a good time.

Be ready to work tomorrow.  We need to meet and do some goal setting and I need to listen to some kids read.  If you want to be one of my readers tomorrow, blog a comment about it and earn yourself another 2 tickets.  That's a possible 6 tickets for today.  Coolio!!

Have a great night.                      Mrs. Kovacs