This week I saw Austin G. and Nate J. and Tony J. at Cup N Cone after a big ball game.  They just played Alex's team.  I didn't see Steven and bros but they are on the team too. 

New plan, my husband is ordering me an i phone 4 (like I'll know what to do with that) and then from now on whenever I have a sighting I am going to take a picture of the person and post it on the summer vacations tab.  Speaking of that, check it out.  Ella sent me a pic and I posted it!!  I also posted a pic of Vlad in Times Square in New York.  Jake and John and Pam get back from Haiti tonight and so I will post pics of them maybe tomorrow.

Hey, did you know there are 3 ways to spell sighting!! There is citing--the way I spelled it first.  I am going to blame my teaching a law class that week for that use of the word.  You see, lawyers cite things all the time which is to say they quote it and tell where they found it.  Then there is the word site which is like a job site or place.  I knew not to use that one though my husband goes to job sites every day.  Finally, I figured out that the word I really want has to do with the kind of sight that's vision.  You see when I see you it is a sighting--you're in my eye sight.  I'll keep looking for you, keep checking for who've I've seen!!