Everything is coming up scary and monstery!  We started our monster poem project today.  We will work on it the rest of this week and into next week so be sure you have your stuff here.  Today we worked on the Art part only--tomorrow we will start working on the poem.

Today's BHTQ is a poll:  If you like making monsters and are excited to start your poem tomorrow, blog an "Absolutely can't wait to start my poem" comment and you can have 2 tickets.

For an immediate trip to the prize bucket write an explaination for what a descendant is and what an ancestor is and what the difference is.  Bring this in on a piece of paper tomorrow and I will let you go straight to the prize bucket.  If you simply want to turn this in to a ticket opportunity, blog a comment about which subject you think those two words are going to come up in this week.  They will end up in the vocab book--where will you file them?  Blog a response and 2 tickets are yours.

 Have a spooktacular evening!             Mrs. K