I am a bit lonely without you guys.  To keep myself busy I am babysitting for my nieces today.  They are in Kindergarten, 4th grade, 7th grade, 9th grade and my nephew is a junior.  He's off doing his own thing and the oldest girl is off playing hockey.  
I am still recovering from a very busy Christmas schedule as well.  There were 3 parties at my own house which kept me busy busy busy.  I did some cooking and cleaning and table setting and gift wrapping and ...well you get the point.

When we come back Ms. Jaslow will be in charge full time.  Be sure you are ready to share what you engineered with your trash to treasure engineering project, have your December reading calendar to turn in, a December book project to turn in, your Long Lake journal to turn in (the only mandatory pages we did at Long Lake--1-3 plus 4 of your choice) and your holiday brainwork packet.  Wow!  You must be busy right now.

Get out and enjoy the sunshine and snow.  If you are able, get your parents to help you clean off the rink in the middle of the bus loop.  We will start enjoying the ice and snow right away on January 5th.  See you next year!!   Mrs. Kovacs