I still can't believe Courtney's way cool parents let her do a science project involving mice.  WOW!!  If you know Courtney, tell her to see if she can bring the mice in to school.  We'd love to have them visit!

Secondly, can you believe we were double crossed by Mrs. Olson?  Weird?!  Anyway, our dance was so cute.  I love the way Rachel and Antonia modified the rat dance from the play to be a goose dance today.  Then I wrote a cool poem and we gathered the pop and the candy.  Hmmm...we trust no one from here on out.

Today's immediate trip to the prize bucket is to blog me a comment reminding me to grab my camera tomorrow--and new batteries for it.  We can't do what we want with Honkers if we don't have the camera.  HELP!!

Today's BHTQ has to do with Honkers too.  Blog a comment about what we should take a picture of Honkers doing tomorrow and you can have 4 tickets.  I vote we get a picture of Honkers and Mr. Bates' class.  What do you think?  Blog it.