I can't believe it is already winter break!  YIKES.  This year is flying by!

Today's ticket question is:  what piece of garbage did you take to engineer into something fabulous.  Blog a comment describing what you took.  If you want to share your plan for repurposing you can--that's up to you.  We'd love to hear it but I understand if you don't want others to copy it.

What a great show you put on today.  I LOVED your puppet shows.  Everyone did a great job and performed well and the little kids LOVED what you  created.  They laughed, they smiled, they giggled, they asked questions, they sang along and a good time was had by all.

I am off to get Vlad and a Christmas Tree and about 20 poinsettias.  We have lights up but need to finish our shopping and decorating.  I am really getting into the spirit of the holiday.  Are you?

Look for me around town like at LeAnn Chins or Lakeshore booksellers or Goodthings or St. Andrews Church.  I will be out and about!  10 tickets to anyone I spy (or anyone who spies me) during the holiday break.