We had quite a lovely party with a treat table that was unbelievable.  Pot luck treats always produces plenty of food!  From popcorn to oreos to candy canes to cheetos, we had it all!  We even had orange juice to keep us all healthy!

I want to compliment you all on being great gift receivers.  How gracious you all were when you opened your little gift bag from me.  My son Joe and I made the tetris games and worked on them until 2:00 am.  I wasn't sure you would think they were fun but everyone did such a nice job making it seems like the best gift in the world.  You are all so sweet.

Today's BHTQ has to do with the dice n the game.  As you know by now they are like top that you have to spin.  How do you decide which number it landed on?  Do you call it the one it actually is laying on or the one of the top which is facing you?  I would be interested to know which one you use.  I will give you two tickets for a comment about that. 

Hey, remember what page the current comments are on because I am going to want you to add up the # of tickets you earn over the entire holiday break.  Also, at some point I WILL put on an immediate trip to the prize bucket.  Watch for that.

Gotta run, your only homework is you lit cirlce book and packet.  Enjoy!!