Some of our 5th grade mentors came in to help out with math today.  They ran some centers and helped us work on some skills.  They are great fun to work with.  I just know you guys will be that great when you are in 5th grade next year. 

Our puppet shows are coming along nicely.  All but 2 groups have their scripts done and copied and ready to go.  I will bring the glue gun tomorrow to fix the eyes that keep popping off--yikes, eyeless reindeer just aren't that cute.  The set is coolio and I just need to remember the glue gun and the cameras.  I will give 2 tickets to everyone who blogs me a comment reminding to bring those things in tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will take the spelling test, polish up our puppet shows, move ahead in math and more.  Today's BHTQ has to do with independent reading projects--Have you started yours for the next trimester?  This time you need to read 6 books for an A, 5 for a B, 4 for a C.  Less than that is unacceptable.  And, this time they HAVE to be at your reading level.  I let some of you off easy last time but NO MORE!!  You need to read chapter books of your choice and do a project.  I will hand out a new sheet to some of you if you need one.  To get 2 tickets, blog the name of the current book you are reading for which you plan to do a project or take an AR test and get independent reading credit for doing it.  If you don't have one yet, GET ONE STARTED!!  TONIGHT!!  

Tomorrow is Friday, that should be fun.         Mrs. Kovacs