We started the day with meetings about classroom behaviors.  Be sure and tell mom and/or dad which group you were meeting with.  There were 4--always on task and ready to learn, usually on task and often ready to learn, starting to lean toward interfering with the learning of others and with your own learning and finally, often interfering with learning both your own and others.  Which group were you in?  How did you feel about being in that group?  We are going to think about that tomorrow and write about it in our life journals.

For an immediate trip to the prize bucket be sure and comment on what it takes to get into the first behavior meeting group--the always on task and ready to learn group.  What are the characteristics of that group? 

Today's BHTQ has to do with the Northeast Region.  So, what kind of landforms are there?  You can have 2 tickets for writing about 2 different landforms you might see in the Northeast Region.

I feel like we are in college and this is finals week.  Every group including the state of Minnesota wants test results from you right now.  We took our reading test today and all but 2 kids showed great improvement.  Way to go class.  Many of you already made HUGE gains.  It is very exciting.  But then Ms. Dahlem and the AIMS web group is testing you, we have two units we've finished and need to test on and ...wow, that's a ton of testing.  Like I said, college finals week.

See you all tomorrow.  Come ready to learn.   Mrs. Kovacs