Why would someone be mean to another kid in their class?  We are all a little quirky, we are all a little different but we are all people with unique skills and talents, and dreams and desires.  We all have people who think we rock and are the bomb and we all have people who find us annoying.  But in our classroom, we appreciate each other.  We appreciate each and every one of our classmates and the interesting things they bring to our lives.  Tomorrow we are going to have a bit of a chat about what to do if someone bothers you.  Have some ideas.  Blog one for us to consider and you can have 4 tickets.

Tomorrow we will be creating a Thanksgiving taste test.  That should be fun.  We will also watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie, make a card for our family, make a placemat upon which to eat our feast and more.  We will try to fit in some time for an artist trading fair and family cafe time.  We will be swamped.     See you all tomorrow.