Yes! We survived.  Everyone was here and all the tests are in and we are done done done.

Tomorrow it is back to the regular old grind. However, I am pretty excited because we are going to look at hereos for awhile and this week it's Lou Gehrig and next week we are all going to read a baseball book.  There are some great hero stories in these books.  Stories about guys like Shoelss Joe Jackson, Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth.  Some kids are going to read about a small town hero, some about a baseball game mixed with a talent show and a hero that's an actor.  Really great stories, every single one.

Tomorrow we also have Kyle the art guy who I told you to call Mr. Fredrickson but you insist on calling Kyle.  I wonder what he has in store for us.  I can't wait to find out!!

Today's 5 ticket question is...which 3 of my 5 sons were in the picture I showed you in class from the teacher of the year program?  10 tickets if you can name which 2 weren't in the picture and tell where they were.  You must blog your answers.