We are wrapping up our review (finals cramming) of language arts skills with a quick look back at poetry, punctuation, and parts of speech (to list it with alliteration).  Last week was figurative language and genres and main ideas with supporting details.  At the end of the week we will review making judgments, drawing conclusions, making inferences, summarizing, and comparing and contrasting, and fact v. opinion.  

Today in Punctuation we noted the importance of the coma through something I shout out every day at home.  I always say, "It's time to eat kids!" and I say it fast and without a pause.  In other words, no coma.  My kids always say, "Ick, why are we eating kids again?"  

Work on resting up, eating right, getting fresh air and building your test taking stamina through reading--sometimes things that aren't that interesting to you.  Remember, on the test you have to read what THEY choose for you to read, not something of your own choice.