The Train project presentations have been wonderful!  So far all the kids who have done their's did a great job.  I am excited to see more of them now.  Don't forget to bring your baby pic for the 2002-2003 spot on our timeline.  Also, remind me to take a few pics of the thing tomorrow.  Finally, be working on researching and writing your "blurb" about an event that happened sometime in 2005-2014.  Remember, I did mine on the i-pad rolling out on April 3, 2010.  

Our pond is suffering from the extreme cold and blowing snow.  A couple guys tried to shovel but...We would LOVE help.  If there's a dad or mom out there willing to stop by and snow blow or shovel or whatever we will definitely take the help.  It's more than 5th graders and their old lady teacher can take on.  

Mrs. Kovacs has only had to go missing 2 times so far since it became a risk in the room.  Blog a comment that explains what that means and you can have 10 tickets.    Mrs. Kovacs