Somedays it seems like all we do is science, science, sciene.  Weird.  Tomorrow we have a science quiz.  Know about pendulums, mass, length, release point, pictograph and what our variables were and why you only change variables one at a time and which variables made a difference and what our conclusion can be, that's a lot of stuff, no wonder Mrs. Barnett thinks it's time for a quiz.  Know the vocabulary too.

Today's reading was NON fiction.  Some of us like that better and some of us don't like it as well as fiction stories.  No matter which camp you are in, I think we can all agree that being a storm chaser would be a scary thing to be!  Why does he want to do it?!  Blog a comment that tells why this guy wants to be a storm chaser and you can have 4 tickets tomorrow morning.

I hope you enjoyed your Village Press.  It is further my hope that many of you will write articles for the paper.  You can write about your won team sports, professional sports, the cafeteria, the playground, phy ed, whatever you feel moved to write about.  It is my hope that eventually you can use the computer lab and be the ones to type up the news.  I want to try to publish the paper AT LEAST once a week.  Blog a comment about the paper and what you think we could put in it and you can have a couple more tickets.  Write an article for it tomorrow and you can have a couple more.

See you tomorrow.  Happy blogging!!                Mrs. Kovacs