Well, I didn't win.  The High School Spanish teacher who has been teaching in the White Bear Lake School District for 36 years was named Teacher of the Year for 2010.  Still, I got a cool pen thing with a magnet that I will show you tomorrow.  I guess she has been nominated before but never won so she was just really thrilled to win.  I am happy for her, I know she is a great teacher and has worked really hard for White Bear Lake Schools.  Congrats Ms. Dahle.  Lauren Clyne, the former student of mine who nominated me, gave a little speech telling about what a great teacher I was.  She did a fabulous job.  Hey, maybe one of you will nominate me for teacher of the year some day and then you can give a cool speech too.  Just a thought.

My son Jim surprised me and came home to attend the program.  My sons Joe and Vlad came too and Joe's girlfriend Emily and my husband and my mom.  Very nice of them all.  Also, Ms. Stamson and Mrs. Triggs and Ms. Gorham and Ms. Dahlem and Mrs. Mielke were there too.  How nice of everyone who came.  Hey, Nick Clyne came too.  He's in Mr. Hanson's 5th grade class.  There was cake and punch and afterward we went out to OUTBACK to celebrate the event. 

Don't forget to bring a bag to carry things home in tomorrow as we are cleaning out desks and lockers. 

See ya all tomorrow.  5 tickets to everyone who can blogs me a guess for what kind of cake we had after the TOY program.

Mrs. K