What do you get when you add Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the end of quarter 2, semester 1?  That's right, 4 days off of school for students.  What about teachers?  A work day to do report cards and prepare for conferences AND a staff development day where you can hash out the curriculum and talk about "best practice" with your teacher friends.  I actually miss you guys on days like that and wish you were at school with me!

So Lauren and Maija and Katelyn and Rachel and Destiny:  if you can make it, I'd love to have you come on Monday around 1:00 pm to help out.  We have a math room to tear down, art work to hang up, things to sort and tables and desks to wash off so the place looks sparkling clean when parents come for conferences on Tuesday night.  I am thinking I could use you for 2 whole hours.  IF we have time there is a display case that needs stuff in it etc.  There are endless amounts of things we could do.  There is always the pond to shovel off too!

Calling all parents who know how to shovel:  Caden and Brad and I shoveled our hearts out last week and got about 1/2 the pond cleared off.  Next week it's supposed to be the perfect temps for outdoor ice, not too cold and not too warm, so if you have the desire to help us out, feel free to come to school and shovel!  

Friday, January 23 we are shooting to have an "outing with Mrs. Kovacs" and hopefully a return appearance by Ms. Jaslow for a skating on the pond event.  Kids can just bring a bag of something to share if they want (pretzels, popcorn, oreos, chips) and a drink for themselves.  We will eat and then head out to the pond.  We will go from right after school until 5:00 pm.  

Have a nice long weekend and think of teachers on Monday when you are home in bed.