Wow, what an evening.  First of all, perfect weather.  Not too hot, nice and sunny, really just beautiful.  Second, I saw alot of kids I know at Marketfest tonight.

I saw Jordan.  Her family's new store is way cool and I bought a cool plastic cup, a bottle holder to hold the bottle Joe used to put a message in a bottle and propose to Emily, and a fun little shoulder strap cooler bag for Ms. Case for a wedding present.  I will go back and get more fun stuff later.

I saw Hunter and his mom.
I saw Kylie, Antonia's friend.
I saw Allie Gruber and Katelyn Galvin, both of whom were in my class for 2 years just like my this year's class was.
I saw a girl who is currently in my Summer Academy class.  It was fun to meet her dad and see her in WBL.
I saw some teacher friends.
I saw Pannin who was with his brother and who was also in my class for 2 years, with Allie and Katelyn I think.

I will have to keep going to Marketfest.  It is fun to see you all.    Happy Summer.  Mrs. Kovacs