Welcome to Mr. Halverson’s March Madness Bash. First, here is a quick summary of what March Madness is: Men’s college basketball plays regular season games from November-February. At the beginning of March they pick 64 teams and put them in a tournament called “March Madness” where if you win you move on to the next round if you lose you’re done. Here is how you participate:

1.      Monday March 12th you will need to search “March Madness 2018 official bracket

2.      You will need to print your bracket off and fill in who you think wins every game.

3.      You will need to do this for every game through the championship.

4.      Once your bracket is complete you will either take a picture or scan it to Mr. Halverson at tyler.halverson@isd624.org

5.      The point scoring system goes as followed: 1 point round 1, 2 points round 2, 4 points round 3, 8 points round 4, 16 points round 5, 32 points round 6

Prizes go as follows:

1st $5 gift card to Cup and Cone

2nd $2.50 gift card to Cup and Cone

3rd 10 tickets
Mr. Halverson will keep score and track.  ALL you need to do is complete a bracket.  
Good LUCK!!