The Landforms Maps of our schoolyard were due today.  I got 13.  That's 13/20.  Yikes. That is not a very good % of students who turned their map in on time.  It is 65% which is not that much over half, which would be 10/20 or 50%.  What's up?  How can I get you to turn that in?  Bring it tomorrow DONE.

Today's ticket question has to do with the Exploration sharing that went on today.  For the most part, the girls were darling with each other.  I heard TONS of compliments, positive feedback and enthusiasm for each other's work.  Boys?  Were you supportive of each other?  For 4 tickets, blog a comment about how you think the exploration sharing went today.  Your comment has to be 2 sentences long and contain some details to support your claim that it went well of didn't go well.  For 4 more, blog a suggestion of what could be done to make it better next time.