We are really trying to spend time talking about making good choices.  From who to play with to behaviors we engage in to food we eat to doing our homework or not, we make a lot of choices every day.  How can we remind ourselves to make good choices?  What are the consequences of making NOT such great choices?  We will work on this again tomorrow as some of us are taking our sweet time in catching on to this concept.  Right?  I think you know who you are.

We had a surprise visit today from the geranium guy who's plants we've been watering (or sometimes forgetting to water) all winter.  He said we've had them in the room since October.  Wow!!  He also said the one in Mrs. Birch's room is doing a lot better than the ones we took care of.  Hmmm...Anyway, he did some grooming of the plants and set us up with some clippings in fake soil that we are hoping take root.  He did warn us that we have to remember to water them.  Hmmmm.....
He did a great job answering our questions but even more impressive to me was what a great job you guys did in coming up with great questions to ask him.  Way to go Kovacs Kids!

5 tickets to everyone who blogs the names of the two kinds of plants we have in our room and we now have clippings from.
See ya tomorrow.      Mrs. K