What a fun day.  It also was the half way point of the alphabet countdown.  Since there are 26 letters and M is #13 it seems we only have 13 days left.  Oh man!  I can't stand that this year is almost over and I'm going to miss you SOOOOOOO much.  Keep blogging!  We can have a summer cup n cone outing if you keep checking the website, you will know when it is.  

The Sundaes were amazing!
The movies were relaxing!

Social Studies and Science and Explorations went well too.  It was a great day.  Write a blog comment on how you liked school on Friday and you can have 6 tickets on Monday.  Also, there is another ticket question hiding on the website somewhere else.  A different tab.  One you should look at.  If you find it, a bonus to you!!

Have a great weekend.