OJ, the ever outgoing and thoughtful kid that she is, invited the Superintendant to eat at our table today.  How fun is that?  He gave her a new nick name that I like--Pippi!  How many of you know something about Pippi Longstockings?  For 2 tickets, blog a comment about Pippi Longstockings to show me what you know.

Your troll books are coming along nicely.  However, some of you need to wrap up the mock books.  I am going to see if we can get some 5th grade editors to come help us get them ready for publication in the white books.  About 1/4 of you are already working in the white book--cool!

We read HEAT WAVE today.  What a fun story.  Tomorrow we will do some work with fantasy and reality and the parts of that story.  What does it mean to exagerate?  Be ready to talk about that tomorrow.

I will give an immediate trip to the prize bucket to every person who blogs a guess about what our new math unit will be.  We have been working on it without even trying!  That is my hint to you.  Also, tomorrow is time test Tuesday so be ready to fly through your basic multiplication facts.  You can do it!!

See you tomorrow.      Mrs. Kovacs