Enjoy your lovely weekend.  I think it's supposed to snow next week.  I certainly hope so!!  We had to suffer through a brown Christmas last year and I really can't bear to do that again.  There is nothing as beautiful as a white Christmas and I want one this year.

Work on your reindeer plays--google docs is a great way to do that.  Share with each other, comment on your changes and updates and come ready to make some cute puppets on Monday.  The excitement level was high during our exploration today and I LOVE that!!  Most of the puppet shows will be humorous and I can't wait to see them.  Next week--the show must go on!!

We will do a 5 day count down to Christmas Vacation next week.  That will be fun too.  There will just be a little surprise at your spot every morning when you walk in the door.  I am already excited for next week and I still don't even have a tree at my house!  YIKES!!