Thanks for all the interesting comments you are blogging.  They are really fun to read and it makes me feel like you are enjoying the start of your school year.  That makes me happy because I am really enjoying it too.  Loving it even!!

Tonight you can earn 4 tickets for an initial blog comment and 2 for every reply you make to someone else's comment up to 10 tickets for 5 comments.  Lucy and Emma are the payroll girls and will give you your tickets in the morning.

Finally, I just saw a former math student of mine at Caribou (he is 20 years old now) and he asked if I still play that math game known as Krypto with kids.  He said he LOVED that game.  I wonder if you'll remember Krypto when you are 20.  There are two new Kryptos on the extra credit tab and you can get tickets for doing them so...enjoy!  

See you tomorrow!