I am of course talking about the temperature.  Don't you just love 73 degrees?

My niece, Maya Marston, has a disease called LCH that produces tumors and things like that and you have to have surgery and chemo to get rid of them.  She had chemo a year ago and a surgery and was tumor free for the school year.  Just last week they found out she has another tumor.  So yesterday, she had surgery again.  It went well!!  She had to have part of her skull cut out and replaced with bone like cement, a metal plate and 2 skrews.  Doesn't that sound awful.  I watched two of her sisters for the day.  We went to the library.

My dog Buster is on his last leg.  I will write more about that later and put on a picture of him when he was a puppy.

Gotta run.  We are biking to Music by the Water to buy and ice cream from Joe and listen to some music.