Have you shown your mom and dad or other people in charge of your sleep and food schedule the MCA and MAP test taking dates?  They are on your most recent Peek/planner.  Have them check it out.  Remember, a good night's sleep starting 2 days before the test and continuing until testing is over.  Breakfast with protein on the days of the test.

Yes mints and or gum are allowed for use DURING the tests.
Yes we are doing all the testing in our room with the wall dividers up.
Yes we are taking each test 2 days for a couple hours each session so have a book to read.
Yes you are expected to do your best, check your work, read each ? at least 2 times, and NOT rush through.  How much    
                                                            time do you have to take this test?  AS MUCH AS YOU NEED!!
Restock your pencil supply.
Bring headphones to school as they can be used on the tests.
Be prepared to ROCK it out like I know you can if you give it your best effort.     Mrs. Kovacs