I am sorry but I have been so swamped that I couldn't find the time to write.  Did you miss me?  When you read this, blog an answer to that question and you can have a red ticket at school.

Well I am about 1/3 done with conferences.  If there are 24 kids with parents set up for conferences, how many am I done with and how many do I have left?  Get that one right and you can have two red tickets on Monday when we get back to school. 

I have some bad news--Brady got hurt on Monday and had to have some stiches in his leg.  Blog him an "I'm so sorry you are hurt" and you can get yourself another ticket.  He ended up missing his conference.  I've heard of kids doing things to avoid having their parents find out how they are doing in school but this is a new one. He's taken this to a new level.  And Brady is doing great in school! 

I was at school from 8 am to 8 pm today and will have to be there that long tomorrow too.  Those are some pretty long days kids.  I think I'm going to need to rest.  Think of me when you are out playing in the warm November weather.

I'll write again sometime during this vacation.  Keep a list of tickets you've earned and be ready to tell me how many you've earned and what they are for.

Enjoy your time off!                 Mrs. K