Wow!  What a wonderful week we had at Long Lake Conservation Camp.  I loved nearly everything about it.  My favorite part was that we were outside so much.  I just love learning things outside.  Do you?  My least favorite part was that there were not inches and inches of snow on the ground.  Oh well, you can't control the weather.  The staff did a great job coming up with alternative super fun things for us to do even though we couldn't play in the snow.  I loved it.  Did you?  Blog about it.  Also, check out the picuters I posted on the student tab.  Long Lake revisited will be our theme next week.  We will start by creating electronic storybooks from the pictures I have (there are like 200 to chose from) and write in our life journals about it and compare it to The Game of Silence and our social studies lessons and more.  Super fun week coming up while we study "Long Lake Revisited".  Will you be ready?

Rest and relax and we'll see you on Monday.  Sperry, no worries, you can do The Tropics Revisted.  Panhia you can do Oneka revisited.   Alexis, you can do Deep Portage revisited.  It will all work out. 

Tomorrow I am driving to Des Moines, Iowa to see Jim and Courtney and attend a Tonic Sol Fa concert.  It's a 4 hour drive.  Good luck in all your hockey games.  See you soon.     Mrs. Kovacs