We are on the home stretch for the Living History project.  Our museum is from 10:15 to 11:15 on Thursday.  Parents and grandparents, neighbors and friends are welcome to come and see our hard work.

Here is the checklist for our in class work time for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Living History Work Plan

My To Do List:

  • Finish written report:  cover sheet with quote, your name,

  • Create all illustrations

  • Write captions for illustrations

  • Create title for display board

  • Create poem/word art, mount it on nice paper

  • Create artifact

  • Assemble all elements on the display board

  • Work on costume design (Ms. Wickland can help!)

  • Write an outline for my oral presentation and note cards

  • Practice my oral presentation.  Time it, not longer than 3 minutes



Some things to think about:

  • Written report

    • Have I edited? Did I have someone else help with this?

  • Illustrations

    • Size? What kind of border will make it stand out?  Is there too much white space?  Can I sketch in a background?  Does it stand out?  Would black pen over the pencil be a nice addition?  Was I lazy or did I give this my BEST effort?

  • Poem/word art

    • Is it mounted on nice paper?

  • Display

    • Is there a LARGE easy to read title?

    • Includes my person’s name? My name? Assembled NEATLY (no rips, smudges)? Arranged in a balanced way, no big white blank spots? Is it nice to look at? Creative?

  • Artifact

    • Is it creative? Did I make it (not store bought)?

    • Can I explain why this is meaningful to my Person?

  • Oral presentation

    • Am I talking in the first person (I was born on…)?

    • Is it brief--between 2 and 3 minutes?


IF you think it’s done, practice your speech in front of a classmate.  Work on your creative writing book. 5th graders can make their geomodel.